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Help and support for family and friends

It’s nice to be able to support when friends of family members run into financial difficulties – but it’s not always possible if a lot of your money is tied up in your home.

Whether you’re planning on helping family onto the property ladder – or simply supporting loved ones to get around money problems, it can feel wonderful being the person who’s there to step in and help out.

An increasing amount of people are using equity release to do just that; free up the money in their home and be on hand to help.

Tony and Fiona – supporting family

“Our eldest son lost his job at the worst possible time – they’d just had their second child and bought a new house the previous year, so it was devastating when he was made redundant.”

Tony and Fiona explained that they felt they had no choice but to use their own financial situation to find a way to support when their son’s young family were facing financial dire straits.

“It doesn’t matter how old they are, they’re still your kids – and there was no way we’d see them struggle, so the next day we went to see an advisor about releasing the equity from our home. To be honest, we were in a panic – but the lady we spoke to was great, she talked us through all our options, making sure we didn’t rush into something that wasn’t right.”

It was 4-months before Tony and Fiona’s son was back in work – but their help meant he and his wife didn’t miss any mortgage payments or struggle with the cost of having a young family.

“We’ve always managed okay with our own finances – but we’ve never had enough left over to help our kids out in the past. Doing this felt wonderful, I’ll never forget the look on their faces when we told them not to worry.”

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Equity release – the facts

It’s important that you fully understand equity release before committing to a plan. It’s also important that you consider all your choices – people sometimes choose to downsize their home or access savings rather than release equity.

We recommend plans that meet Equity Release Council approval – meaning you benefit from guarantees around the right to stay in your home and are protected against negative equity.

Equity release can change the value of your estate and can therefore affect entitlement to means-tested benefits.

The most popular kind of equity release is a lifetime mortgage; a loan secured against your home which typically has no monthly repayment. Instead, the loan accrues interest – and is repaid when your plan ends.

What’s right for you?

If you think releasing the equity in your home would help you to help others, get in touch and see how we can assist. We always promise no jargon or pressure – just a friendly discussion about your unique situation and details of plans that might suit you. Click here or call us on 0333 360 1958 and take the first steps toward using your home to help your loved ones.


Why You should always choose a product from a lender approved by the Equity Release Council

Guarantee 1

equity release council logo approved You have the Right to Remain in your Home for as long as you choose

Guarantee 2

equity release council logo approved You will NEVER owe more than the value of your home due to the "no negative equity" guarantee.

Guarantee 3

equity release council logo approved You have the freedom to move to another property without financial penalty (subject to provider criteria)

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